2017 Innovation@50+ Finalists

2017 Caregiving Health Technology Finalists

Aegle Palette
Aegle Palette

San Francisco, CA

We founded AEGLE Palette in 2015 after we pained through the burdens of managing preventable chronic diseases from hypertension to diabetes. Our core purpose is to prevent and revert chronic diseases by empowering patients and providers with complete nutritional and lifestyle data.
AgeWell Global

London, United Kingdom

To improve the psychosocial well-being and health of less able older adults through tech-enabled, peer companions (AgeWells) who address emotional, social, and physical health through regular home visits, periodic phone calls, and algorithm-driven referrals to health care providers and links to social networks in their communities.

Houston, TX

BrainCheck is an innovative, rapid, mobile cognitive tracking platform. Our vision is for cognitive health assessments to be a routine part of life for everyone. In under 10 minutes, we assess multiple cognitive domains, and deliver results immediately, tracking changes from a person’s baseline and from the population average.
Ceresti Health
Ceresti Health

Carlsbad, CA

Ceresti empowers family caregivers to tackle chronic conditions and care challenges for loved ones living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias. Our personalized digital health programs provide caregivers with education, support, care plans and coaching to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs.

Mountain View, CA

GoGoGrandparent helps older adults access and use on demand transportation and offers extra tools for caregivers.

San Francisco, CA

iBeat is an emergency response network making the world safer by giving people the fastest access to care in an emergency. The company’s breakthrough smartwatch continually monitors users’ heart activity. In an emergency, iBeat will instantly alert the user, their loved ones, and 911, helping ensure immediate care and potentially saving the user’s life.

Cambridge, MA

Kinto is here to help you care for your aging loved one better. Caregivers with Kinto are given the support they need through a set of useful digital tools and access to a community of like-minded people. It is our mission to help you care for your loved ones the way they deserve.

St. Petersburg, FL

Marvee is a voice-driven, care-companion service imbued with alerts, home safety and family interaction functions, providing awareness, peace of mind and social engagement. Marvee provides those hindered by vision, mobility or aging an easy way to communicate with family and caregivers, just by using their voice! @askmarvee

Las Vegas, NV

PillDrill, Inc. develops simple and clever technology products to improve everyday health. The company’s first product, PillDrill, is a smart medication tracking system that intelligently modernizes the pill taking experience. PillDrill is easy to use, adapts seamlessly to any medication routine, and works whether a person manages their own medication regimen or someone else’s.
Siren Care

San Francisco, CA

Around the age of 45, people living with diabetes begin developing nerve damage which lead to foot ulcers. Research has shown that temperature monitoring can reduce ulcers by 72%. Our team has developed a smart sock with sensors embedded inside the fabric that tracks temperature and can find injury in real time. Siren Smart Socks are a tool that fits easily into the lives of people living with diabetes. We help people keep their independence and reduce healthcare costs.

2017 Caregiving Health Technology Alternates


Houston, TX

EllieGrid is first smart pillbox designed especially for people below the age of 70. Organize all of your pills in seconds, receive reminders, and gather compliance data with a fun and fashionable accessory.

Boulder, CO

Silvernest’s innovative roommate matching service successfully pairs aging homeowners with pre-qualified housemates based on detailed behavioral profiles and selected demographic preferences. This full-service solution then further allows users to employ full background checks, communicate securely, create state-specific leases and easily manage automatic rent payments all seamlessly within Silvernest’s platform.

St. Louis, MO

SteadyMD is a platform for virtual concierge medicine. For a monthly fee, patients can select a specific doctor based on the doctor’s expertise on their lifestyle or medical condition. After an initial one-hour video call, the patient is connected to their dedicated doctor via our feature rich chat application (very similar to slack), same day phone calls and same day video calls. Our doctors see much fewer patients than a typical primary care doctor.

2017 Financial Technology Finalists


New York, NY

Abaris has created the first Personal Pension — the first digital, diversified, and guaranteed way to generate income in retirement. The Personal Pension is a subscription product with no minimum and offered directly by us (with the backing of large insurers), eliminating annoying insurance agents and expensive financial advisors.

New York, NY

EverSafe is a groundbreaking technology service that protects seniors against fraud, identity theft and age-related issues. One in five seniors are victimized, causing billions in annual losses. Our learning system monitors for erratic activity across accounts and institutions, alerting members and designated caregivers/professionals. Personalized, expert remediation support is also provided.
Fabric Wealth

Baltimore, MD

Fabric provides high quality financial advice to the mass affluent market.

San Francisco, CA

Golden is financial care for your parents. Golden is there when Mom falls down and goes into the hospital and you need to secure her financial health. Golden manages seniors’ money, pays bills, increases government benefits, and reduces medical, housing and living costs – delivering an average savings of 20%.

San Francisco, CA

LifeSite helps people to manage life’s most important documents/information such as property, legal, medical, insurance, wills, trusts, passwords, etc. in our secure cloud platform, and easily share and collaborate with family members, advisors, real estate agents, and your trustees.

New York, NY

Pefin is the world’s first AI Financial Advisor. Pefin understands your life plans – from kids, to college, to a new home, and the implications for your comfortable retirement. Pefin customizes a long-term financial plan and a personalized savings strategy delivering real-time, actionable and fiduciary financial advice.

Milwaukee, WI

Shift is an uber-easy savings application that helps our users Shift habits and mindsets, while saving money in the background of their everyday lives. Here at Shift we’re working to help Make Change Happen for everyday Americans living paycheck to paycheck – specifically those financially stressed Americans in the Sandwich and 50+ Generations.

New Rochelle, NY

SilverBills receives, scrutinizes and ensures clients’ bills are paid correctly and on-time. Clients no longer need to open envelopes, write checks or remember deadlines. SilverBills provides bill paying services using transparent, technology and serves as a trusted partner so clients are no longer burdened by paying bills.
True Link

San Francisco, CA

True Link is a diversified financial services firm focused exclusively on supporting the needs of people in retirement. Our team of advisors use sophisticated financial algorithms to deliver personalized retirement investment plans with the goal of stable retirement income for your entire lifetime.
United Income

Washington, DC

United Income is a holistic money management solution for older retail clients. Our unique approach reflects a deeply held belief that technology allows us to understand consumer finance in ways that have not been possible before. We use this unique understanding to bring retirement dreams to life.

2017 Financial Technology Alternates


Boston, MA

We provide boomers with the independent, unbiased tools necessary to truly understand their investment choices and move forward with confidence. We are currently on a mission to help people to see how much investment risk they should be taking and compare it to how much risk they are actually taking…before the market crashes again.
Guide Change

Austin, TX

Guide Change promotes financial independence and fights fraud. Through education, planning and loss prevention strategies, seniors can maximize financial benefits while reducing risks. With Guide Change, seniors increase their financial freedom by systematically aligning household finances with future care needs while enabling loved ones to keep financial activities running securely.
Token Payment

New York, NY

Token is a payment identity protection for consumers. We are on a mission to make fraud a thing of the past for online and over the phone payments –
we provide anyone with a US bank account, credit or debit card a simple and intuitive solution they can use to pay for anything — anywhere — while keeping one’s payment information away from hackers and their malicious intentions.