Good things are being said about AARP’s LivePitch Events…

“It was an honor to participate as a finalist in the AARP Health Innovation Live Pitch. We had unprecedented access to top executives who provided support and mentoring. In addition, we met with thousands of seniors who gave us great feedback on our product. We were thrilled to be selected as the AARP 2014 Consumer Choice Award Winner. This AARP member recognition created multiple opportunities with investors and new customers. There is not a better forum for an early stage entrepreneur to showcase their company if you are serving the 50+ market.”

Chiara Bell, CEO and founder, Careticker
2014 LivePitch Consumer Choice Winner (Boston Event)

“The AARP Health Innovation 50+ LivePitch event is a fantastic forum to directly get feedback from the 50+ caregivers and potential customers. You can get real time feedback, which is invaluable for startups. The forum is also a great venue to meet partners and investors.”

Veera Anantha, founder and president, Constant Therapy
2015 LivePitch Consumer Choice Winner (Miami Event)

“Our experiences in the past at the AARP conferences have been invaluable, and we’ve always found that these conferences are the ‘ultimate focus group.’ Passersby have time and again offered up their opinions, suggestions, reservations, and praise about our product and business model. At the LivePitch event in Miami, the planning was obviously very careful as there were lots of interactive elements both in the hall where pitching was taking place, as well as on the floor in the innovations expo section.

Competing in the LivePitch event allowed us to continue to refine our pitch, something that does require real-time performance to do properly. This time around, the ‘ultimate focus group’ included both consumers and investor-types (the panelists). As an online company, we do not often get the experience to interact with mass amounts of people and get their feedback on our products– our feedback instead comes more piecemeal via individual phone and email interactions– so this was a welcome change of pace.

The connections we made at LivePitch were incredible and are lasting. Our number of LinkedIn connections climbed steadily for the couple of weeks after the event (we were even able to garner a few conversations with some bigger fish, if you will, and are still engaged in continued business development talks 8 months later). It was greatly beneficial to see how other companies offering various technologies and products were framing their products both to customers and to investors (or, rather, investor-types). We’re eager to continue our involvement with AARP and LivePitch.”

Andrea Zielinski, head of Marketing, Audicus
2015 LivePitch Consumer Choice Winner (Miami Event)

“Winning the AARP Consumer Vote at their National Conference Innovation Live Pitch event was without a doubt was one of the biggest growth catalysts behind CareLinx, who now has grown into the leading nationwide professional caregiver marketplace, empowering families to easily find, hire, manage and pay caregivers who match their specific needs and budget online. Participating and wining the AARP consumer vote not only validated to our investors and team that we were building a very valuable product for society but also help give us great credibility throughout the health care industry. Consequently, CareLinx is now operating in over 50 metro areas with over 100,000 care providers with major strategic partners, in large part because of participating and winning the AARP Innovation Live Pitch event.”

Sherwin Sheik, founder and CEO, CareLinx
2013 LivePitch Consumer Choice Winner (Atlanta Event)

Lisa Suennen
2016 Sunnyvale Emcee and Emcee for all 5 years

Managing partner of Venture Valkyrie LLC

“This is my fifth time participating in this event and I wouldn’t miss it. It is really the only place where people with both expertise AND interest about emerging technology solutions for the second half of life gather in one place every year to learn and network. There are many events for entrepreneurs to preach to the choir, but few where they preach to the buyer and get real life feedback in real time. AARP has invested heavily in ensuring the voice of this consumer segment is heard and to make the case for the value creation opportunity; no one has the knowledge they do or the platform from which to dispense it. I am delighted I get to be a part of it and have been every year since it started.”